SME and ITThe dynamics of a Business
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) is a large customer segment for us. We mostly serve companies up to 50 employees. These are dynamic organizations with changing needs. Our flexibility is highly appreciated by them.

Do you represent a small or medium sized company, where the amount of employees fluctuate? Decisions are made today and IT changes needed tomorrow? As a SME company you are always on the move, mostly 2 steps in front, sometimes a step back.

Fair price, great quality
We have scalable solutions for your company that are easy to use, with a fair price tag and hassle free. Contact us now for answers!

IT solutions for a SME
If you have a small sized company (up till 10 persons), you might want to start with our basic offer like domains and hosting or join with the colleagues in one of our smart workshops.

When your company is growing to a medium sized (10-50 persons) IT needs change. If you have a lot of questions in this phase about the next step, you might use our ‘rent a brain’ solution.