3d and virtual realityDiscover new worlds
Our applications vary from educational Virtual Reality (VR) content in classrooms to use in entrepreneurship education.
From 3D design for presentations to virtual school tours to virtual product presentations for companies to fast prototyping by printing in classes, at fairs or as customer demo…. you name it.

Visualize your world
3D contains a large spectrum of technics and tools, as example you can think about printing, drawing, video, gaming, movies, websites and much more. Although these technics exists already for decades, you can clearly see that 3D and Virtual Reality has evolved a lot and now becomes more main stream and more affordable.

For education we provide educational material to integrate in classrooms, like printing for prototyping and developing digital skills. For SMEs  we offer smart workshops and for SMEs and individual professionals we provide the creation of 3D presentations.

Examples of using Virtual Reality
Combined with VR you can simulate surroundings and activities, like a virtual tour through school or the office. You can offer (potential) customers a virtual product presentation or create a (serious) game to train or educate students, staff or clients.

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We can imagine that this world is unknown to you, let alone that you know where to start and how to apply this in education and business. No worries, if you have any questions about 3D or Virtual Reality, we are here for you.
Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your needs.