What is our vision?
With our focus on key activities and solutions, the company culture at EURObizz IT is that’s all about people. This means ICT and technology is a set of tools to serve the needs of people. With that vision, we focus offer key solutions for 3 target groups.



Who are our target groups?
We believe in focus on target groups and not trying to be everything for everyone. Our focus makes sure we can deliver quality and hassle free IT. Therefore we have chosen 3 target groups, based on our experience and where we feel we can add the most value.
These target groups are Secondary and Vocational education, Small and Medium Entreprises up till 50 persons and individual professionals. This does not exclude request from other businesses and organisations, but we might need to inform an organization, that a request is to far out of our scope.

Who is are we?
 Together with our sister company, EURObizz Academy, we are part of the EURObizz Group. Besides that the EURObizz Group is also associated with the EURObizz Friendz Foundation.

What do we offer?
Please have a look at the IT services for Education, SMEs or Professionals.
If you have any question, we here to answer them.

Werner van Ekkendonk